The math app for kids

Practice fun math from home.

What is bmath?

bmath is an app to learn mathematics from home. With only 20 minutes a day. For kids aged from 3 to 12 years old.

The most effective way for children to improve in calculation and problem solving through play.

Designed by teachers and experts in mathematics didactics. A project used by more than 1,800 schools.

Guaranteed learning After 3 months using bmath...

Students improve their grade in mathematics by 20% on average.

91% of students improve their problem-solving, numeracy and logic skills.

It increases students’ motivation towards mathematics. 84% say they have fun learning with bmath.

Self-adaptive mathematics

With our own algorithm developed by engineers and teachers, we adapt the proposed exercises to each student.

We want each child to find the mathematical path that best suits their way of learning, to get as far as possible.

Smart choice of activities.
Support in the exercises. Frustration management.
Automatic generation of progress reports.

Learn math by playing

Fun as a support for learning. The gamified environment of bmath manages to maintain the desire to learn of children.

Gets them passionate about math!

  • Earn stars through problem solving and math activities.
  • Help the Bmaths build their city.
  • Get the fair and unlock new activities.

Know your child's progress

Progress reports after each session and weekly usage reports for all mathematical areas.

Numbering and calculation
Statistic and probability
Series and patterns

More than 1,800 schools trust our content

The app has been developed by educational institutions, and is designed to
let children practice math while having fun.

Blanca Rossell
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My son loves it! 15 minutes fall short and he always wants more. Getting kids to want to do math is a success!
Ruth Plans
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Both in class and at home my little one loves bmath.
Joan Gómez
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It's an an app which my daughter enjoys while learning mathematics and playing. On the other hand if you have any inquiries you can go to technical support and they solve your doubts without any problem. A 10 for them!!! Thank you!!!

Choose the best plan for your son or daughter


  • Mathematical advice
  • 5 minutes a day
  • Access to progress reports
  • Build the city of the Bmath
  • Up to 4 users per account
  • Exclusive content (experiments, math challenges..., and much more!)


  • Mathematical advice
  • 20 minutes a day
  • Access to progress reports
  • Build the city of the Bmath
  • Up to 4 users per account
  • Exclusive content (experiments, math challenges..., and much more!)

Installation requirements


RAM Memory: 2 GB
Samsung Device TAB-A (2015) or equivalent
Operating System: Android OS 6


RAM Memory: 3 GB
Operating System: Android OS 8 or later


RAM Memory: 2 GB
Device: iPad Air 1
Operating System: iOS 11.0.36


RAM Memory: 2 GB
Operating System: iOS 13

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